A home for governance, rewards, and staking at
The interface for governance, rewards, and staking is live at
Earn & claim rewards, or vote on proposals


Active and past governance proposals can be viewed, and active governance proposals can be voted on.
Track proposal status and vote on changes
Holders of DYDX and stkDYDX are granted two types of governance powers: proposing power and voting power. Via the dashboard, users may view their proposing and voting powers, and delegate them to other addresses.
Delegate your proposing and voting powers


Currently, the Liquidity Module and Safety Module are inactive. Users holding stkDYDX and stkUSDC are not earning rewards. Users can request to withdraw and withdraw at

Trading Rewards

Users can view their rewards earned through trading activity on the layer 2 exchange. Trading rewards are distributed every 28 days according to an epoch schedule.
Trade to receive rewards

Portfolio & Claiming DYDX

Users can see an aggregated view of their DYDX holdings, claimable DYDX, staked DYDX, and withdrawable DYDX.
Users can see the current circulating supply and daily distribution of DYDX tokens. Users can also claim all available DYDX rewards. DYDX tokens will become transferable on or after September 8, 2021 at approximately 15:00 UTC.
Claim your rewards