Rewards Treasury

An overview of the rewards treasury.


In addition to the vested DYDX in the Community Treasury, the dYdX community can also access the $DYDX accruing in the Rewards Treasury as a result of the following votes:
  • DIP 14 - set the rewards for staking USDC to 0 (383,562 $DYDX per epoch),
  • DIP 16 - reduce trading rewards by 25% (958,904 $DYDX per epoch),
  • DIP 17 - set the rewards for staking $DYDX to 0 (383,562 $DYDX per epoch),
  • DIP 20 - further reduce trading rewards by 45% (1,294,520 $DYDX per epoch), and
  • DIP 24 - reduce Liquidity Provider Rewards by 50% (575,342 $DYDX per epoch).
Starting in Epoch 26, 3,595,890 $DYDX will accrue in the Rewards Treasury each epoch and can be used by the dYdX community with a governance vote.


What is the balance of the Community Treasury and Rewards Treasury that the dYdX community can access?

dYdX community members can view the vested balance of the community treasury here. Further, dYdX Foundation publishes the accrued balance of the Community Treasury in the Epoch Review at the end of each epoch.

Who can submit proposals to spend $DYDX from the Rewards Treasury?

Any user with sufficient proposing power can submit proposals. A governance vote will be required to spend any $DYDX from the community treasury and/or the rewards treasury. To submit a proposal, please submit a dYdX Improvement Proposal (DIP) as laid out in the DIP Proposal Lifecycle.