👓Open-Source Bridge User Interface

Overview of the Open-Source Bridge User Interface

In furtherance of its mission to support and promote the dYdX ecosystem by enabling communities, developers, and decentralized governance, the dYdX Foundation has commissioned the development of source code that was open-sourced such that others may use it to implement a "User Interface" (also sometimes referred to as a “front-end”) to interact with such wethDYDX Smart Contract (the “User Interface Code”).

The dYdX Foundation does not operate any public infrastructure related to the dYdX Chain and/or a migration of ethDYDX tokens to the dYdX Chain. However, as part of its statutory mission to support and promote the dYdX ecosystem, the dYdX Foundation has compiled a list of third-party user interface solutions that allow ethDYDX token holders to interact with the wethDYDX Smart Contract in order to permanently lock their ethDYDX tokens, receive wethDYDX tokens on Ethereum and qualify to receive DYDX tokens on the dYdX Chain.

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