Governance Adjustable Parameters

An overview of parameters that are not covered in other sections of the governance documentation and are adjustable through a dYdX Chain governance Parameter Change Proposals.


This documentation is divided into the following subsections:

  • Trading Stats and Fees: this section covers the trading statistics look-back window and tiers of fees and discounts for each trader on dYdX Chain, based on their taker and maker volume.

  • Trading Core: this section covers the core aspects of trading, namely insurance fund and liquidations config. The insurance fund acts as the first backstop to maintain systemic solvency when an account has a negative balance. The liquidations config defines the mechanism to close an account’s position when it falls below the margin requirements.

  • Markets: this section covers the Prices module (x/prices) parameters on dYdX Chain as well as the liquidity tier of each market based on standardized risk parameters.

  • Perpetual: this section covers the Perpetual module (x/perpetuals) parameters on dYdX Chain, such as funding rate and epoch information. The perpetual funding rate enables the perpetual price to align with the underlying asset's price. Epoch information is a fixed interval where funding is credited or debited to each account.

  • Clob: this section covers the Clob module (x/clob) that configures the order creation, placement, and cancellations on dYdX Chain.

  • Adding & Updating A Live Market: this section explains the message required to add a new or update a live market on dYdX Chain.

  • Safety: this section explains the safety parameters on dYdX Chain, namely the spam mitigation that is related to order creation and cancellation using the Clob module.

  • Market Tiers: this section shows the markets that are currently active on dYdX Chain and the liquidity tier that they are classified into, this section is updated regularly.

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