Clob Pair

Clob pair represents a Perpetual, Spot or a given product in the state. Each clob pair has the following parameters:




ID of the orderbook that stores all resting liquidity for this CLOB.


Status of the CLOB, which could be any of the following:

  1. STATUS_UNSPECIFIED: Default value. This value is invalid and unused.

  2. STATUS_ACTIVE: this represents an active clob pair.

  3. STATUS_PAUSED: this represents a clob pair that is paused until further notice.

  4. STATUS_CANCEL_ONLY: clob pairs in this state only accept cancellations.

  5. STATUS_POST_ONLY: clob pairs in this state only accept orders which are post-only.

  6. STATUS_INITIALIZING: this represents a newly-added clob pair. Clob pairs in this state only accept orders which are both short-term and post-only.


Product-specific metadata.


Minimum increment in the size of orders on the CLOB, in base quantums.


This parameter defines the tick size of the orderbook by defining how many subticks are in one tick, i.e. the subticks of any valid order must be a multiple of this value.


10^Exponent gives the number of QuoteQuantums traded per BaseQuantum per Subtick.

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