Proposal Submission Technical Guide

A technical guide for dYdX Chain proposal submission.


The following are the steps required to be able to submit a proposal using the Command Line Interface (CLI) as laid out on Step 4 of the Proposal Lifecycle.

1. Obtain a `protocold` Binary

Before you can submit any dydxprotocold command on the CLI, you will need to compile the protocold binary locally. This dYdX Protocol's documentation provides complete instructions on how to compile protocold binary locally. Alternatively, if your platform is supported by the prebuilt binaries found in the releases section of the repository, you can opt to download and use these binaries directly.

2. Save your Chain ID in `dydxprotocold` Config

To avoid manually passing in the chain-id flag for every CLI command, you will need to save it by entering the following command:

dydxprotocold config chain-id <chain_id>

The chain-id for dYdX Chain Mainnet is dydx-mainnet-1.

3. Confirming Connectivity

To ensure that you are successfully connected to the network, you can test by executing the command below:

dydxprotocold status --node https://<RPC ENDPOINT>:443

You may replace <RPC ENDPOINT> with any of the RPC endpoints listed here. Remember to append :443 to the end of the RPC URI to access the endpoint properly and securely.

4. Registering an Account in the Keychain

When submitting the proposal on dYdX Chain, you will need to add an account in the keychain from which you will submit the proposal. To do this step, you must already have a dYdX Chain wallet and have access to its secret phrase.

  • Enter the following command:

dydxprotocold keys add <KEY NAME> --recover

Choose a unique key name to replace <KEY NAME>. This name will be used to identify your key within the Keychain.

  • Input your secret phrase into the terminal when prompted.

Once you have set up the technical requirements above, you can create the json file and proceed with submitting the proposal.

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