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Relevant Links for the dYdX Chain Open Source Software

An overview of relevant links for the dYdX Chain Open Source Software
dYdX Chain Open-source Code
  • dYdX Chain open source software - release of the completed, audited and open-sourced dYdX Chain software.
  • v4-chain - Validator and indexer code, protobuf definitions, scripts to generate Python and Javascript libraries using Telescope
  • v4-abacus - Shared client business logic used across both web and mobile
  • v4-web - The web front end for the dYdX Chain
  • v4-clients - Python and Javascript SDK clients
  • v4-localization - Translations for all copy across the web and mobile apps
  • v4-documentation - dYdX Chain documentation
  • v4-testnets - Coordination repos for previous testnets
  • v4-infrastructure - Terraform for indexer deployments, metrics ingestor, indexer dashboards and monitors
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