How to Unstake Guide

An overview of how to unstake DYDX from a dYdX Chain validator.


DYDX holders who stake DYDX to a validator can send a transaction to unstake and remove their tokens from being staked to a validator. After this transaction, the DYDX tokens enter an unbonding period. During the unbonding period, stakers can choose to delegate to a separate validator without having to wait for the unbonding period to elapse. However, a user’s slashing risk with the original validator remains until the unbonding period concludes.
More information about Redelegation is available here.


Step 1 - Unstake delegated tokens

  • 1(a) The Keplr Dashboard displays the validators that you have staked to and the amount of DYDX staked to each respective validator.
  • 1(b) click on the Validator you want to undelegate from.
  • 1(c) Enter the number of DYDX tokens to undelegate, then click ‘Undelegate’, and pay the gas fee on dYdX Chain.
  • 1(d) Note, you will need to wait for the unbonding period of 30 days (as of writing this guide, subject to governance) to end for your DYDX to be liquid.

Step 2 - New balance

Once you unstake, you will see your available balance updated on the dashboard and you can restake these unstaked DYDX tokens with the same validator or select another validator to stake.